To list a property log in to your site and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Properties

  2. Under Properties click on Add Property

  3. Write the name of the property where indicated. This will appear in large, bold letters at the top of the listing.

    listed property 1

  4.  Now write more details about the property where indicated. What you write here will appear in smaller letters together any pictures or other content you add.
    list property 2

  5. To add photos click add media.

  6. Then click Create Gallery, and then the Upload files tab.
    upload graphics

  7. You can then drag and drop your photos from wherever you have them saved on your hard drive. You can upload several at a time.

  8. At this point you can add captions to the pictures, the captions you write will appear directly below each picture.
    caption and create

  9. Finally, click the Create a new gallery button in the lower right corner.

  10. Now click Insert Gallery button, it will also be in the lower right corner. After inserting the gallery you can click on it, and then click edit to make any changes, such as the order of the pictures, or to write captions.
    Once you are in the edit screen you can change the order of the pictures by simply clicking and dragging them into the desired order. You can edit a caption by clicking on the picture, writing the new caption where indicated in the graphic below, and then clicking the Update gallery button in the lower right corner.
    edit caption

  11. You can write more below the gallery as well.
    below images

  12. Finally, further down the page you can select other options and add more information like: property type, address, price, area, etc.
    other data

  13. To see how the page is progressing, in the upper right hand part of the screen you can click the Preview button. When you are satisfied with the site, click the Publish and your property listing will be live!