If you’d like to make a backup of your mailing lists (leads), log in to your site and follow these steps:

1. Click MailPoet -> Subscribers


2. Next, click the Export Tab.


3. Select which list(s) you want to export.  Put a checkmark next to ones you want to export and remove the checkmark from any you don’t want to export.  You may want to export each list separately.


4. Select the format – CSV file or Excel for Windows.  Either format will open in Microsoft Excel.  Either can be imported into Google Docs.  You’ll probably want to only export confirmed subscribers – ones who have confirmed their e-mail address.  If so, leave that checked.


5. Select which fields to export.  You’ll probably want all of them, so put a check mark next to the ones you want.  Then click Export.


6. Save the file to your computer.  After you clicked the Export button in the previous step, you will be taken back to the main subscribers page, but at the top of the page you’ll see a message telling you how many subscribers were exported and there will be a link you can click to save the file to your computer.  Click that.


Congratulations, you’re finished!