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How To Get A Steady Flow of Leads to Your New Website…

Turn your website and business into a Magnetic Lead Machine!

Here's what the training includes:

Module 1:  Laying the Groundwork for Successful Marketing

Here we cover marketing strategies that you can use in all of your marketing that will help you to be more successful.  A lot of investors do these things wrong and it causes them to either fail or constantly struggle.

Module 2:  Free Online Marketing

This is the low-hanging fruit that you don't want to overlook.  It's free and it's simple to do so it's a good place to start.  We cover Craigslist and other Classified Ad Websites, as well as other free online marketing methods.

Module 3:  Offline Marketing

This module covers everything that is not on the internet.  So this is all of the stuff you do in your local community to alert people about your business and website and attract them to you.

Module 4:  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Who wouldn't love free leads from sites like Google?  These are some of the best leads because these people are actively looking for solutions to their real estate problems.  Here I'll teach you how it works and what you need to do.

Module 5:  Pay Per Click Advertising

This is another way to get people who are online to visit your website.  Since SEO takes time to see results, this is something you can do to get people from sites like Google to start coming to your website immediately.

You've done it again! These are GREAT strategies that will really help people...and especially my subscribers. I've personally used so many of these methods in my own business from Craigslist ads, signs, business cards, flyers, SEO and Pay Per Click ads. I'm impressed with how much you're covering here.

Thank you SO MUCH for putting all these marketing methods together in one place for people to benefit with. As you know it's really nice to be able to have a marketing framework to not only reference and follow... but also be able to plug in to help create even more potential lead sources. Plus this will REALLY help investors drive leads to their website that you offer which is so important. Well done!

Mark Walters

When you put these different pieces together, you will be building a Magnetic Lead Machine that attracts leads to you.

More leads = more deals.  More deals = more money in your pocket.

And it doesn't end there!  I'll also throw in these two bonuses:

  • Bonus #1:  Sample ads you can copy and paste to generate Motivated Seller Leads, Cash Buyer Leads, and Rent-to-Own Buyer Leads.  $27 Value
  • Bonus #2:  A 42-minute video where I let you watch over my shoulder as I do Search Engine Optimization on a web page like yours, step-by-step.  $37 Value
  • Bonus #3:  MP3 Audio version of the whole program, plus all the slides in PDF format.  $19 Value

These bonuses are not available anywhere else.

This is a digital product, meaning you'll get instant access to it after you order and can start immediately watching it and setting up your Magnetic Lead Machine.  Plus, we'll also give you free updates any time we add something new to it.

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