Lead Magnet Training

Say goodbye to cold-calling.  Learn how to attract leads to you.

Learn How To Attract These Leads:

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  • Motivated Sellers
  • Buyers (Wholesale, Retail, Rent-to-Own)
  • Cash Investors


You know you need leads.  Cold calling to get leads is tough, and it doesn’t get great results.  

Learn the secrets of how to attract leads to your business like a magnet.real estate investor leads

I surveyed my clients and found that the thing most of them struggled with was how to get enough leads.  

That’s why I developed the Lead Magnet Training Program.  It will teach you different ways to get leads each month.

Since the beginning is the hardest part and the most critical time for you to take massive action, the first couple modules are packed with many different ways to attract leads.  This way, if you’re just starting out, this will get the ball rolling and start getting you some leads.

After you have a solid foundation and many methods for attracting leads that you can keep doing on an ongoing basis, we’ll introduce three new techniques per month.

In the beginning we’ll focus on free and low-cost methods of attracting leads.

What does this training program include?

Module 1:  Getting Started

  • Craigslist (Quick Action Item)
  • Flyers
  • Business cards (not the typical approach)
  • Networking
  • Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising
  • Mindset training:  Get the ball rolling.
  • Audio:  The Best Approach to Your Marketing and What You Should Expect.

Module 2

  • Search Engine Optimization (part 1)
  • Handmade signs
  • Car signs
  • Mindset training:  tools to keep yourself on track

Module 3

  • Cash Investors (part 1)
  • Buyer leads – newspaper ads
  • Audio:  Targeted marketing and market research

Module 4

  • Sellers – Bandit signs
  • Buyer Leads:  Mortgage brokers and real estate agents
  • Search Engine Optimization (part 2)

Module 5

  • Seller leads – Eviction filings
  • Seller leads – Code Violations
  • Using flyers to attract buyers

Module 6

  • Seller Leads:  Using Bird Dogs
  • Buyers – Rental agencies
  • Search Engine Optimization (part 3)

Module 7

  • Sellers – Direct mail
  • Sellers:  Newspaper ads
  • Buyers – HR departments

Module 8

  • Sellers – Brochures
  • Sellers – Making News, Holding Workshops
  • Buyers – Apartment buildings

Module 9

  • Cash investors (part 2)
  • Sellers – Door hangers
  • Buyers – Yard signs

Module 10

  • Sellers – Marketing Packages / Kits
  • Buyers – Info Tubes
  • Using Social Media

Module 11

  • Sellers – Clothing items
  • Buyers – For Sale Bandit Signs
  • Search Engine Optimization (part 4)

Module 12:

  • Cash investors (part 3)
  • Sellers – Office Supplies & supplies for other businesses
  • Buyers – Open Houses


For the first 12 months, you’ll be able to access one new module per month.  This gives you time to put that module’s training into action and start using it to attract leads before moving on to the next method.  After that time, as long as your account remains in good standing, you’ll continue to be able to access the training.

How much will you have to invest?

Even though this training is easily worth thousands of dollars, we are pre-selling it at a reduced price that really makes this a no-brainer.

You get access to these game-changing, powerful lead attraction techniques for only $99/month $19.95/month.

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